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It was very fortunate to be touched by a very humble, kind-hearted person in the capital of India New Delhi. Dr S.S. Gupta was unimpressive and it was a very small clinic, but the only thing that amazed was that the very small clinic had a very huge crowd of people who had very chronic ailments and just waited patiently with high expectations for the miraculous healer. They were able to go back home with a smile.

He is just a Registered Medical Practitioner. He looked and seemed to be just about 35 years and he was 59 years and has been practicing or rather should healing very chronic patients for the last 35 years. He began his practices when he was barley 14 years.
It is strange but it is true that tree he was blessed with a divine power and a divine calling. It may be very strange in his modern world of advanced technology and research and medicine that this uneducated, non qualified youth was able to detect and heal almost any and every kind of an aliment and diseases barely just putting his thumb on your wrist and all he simply does is check your pulse and he knows it all.

Well our body has its own language and tries to speak to us. When due to hormones imbalance or due to certain gases that is trapped in the system our body swells and traps the toxins. Our body becomes black and dark. We begin to have aches and pains and swellings and limps and nodes etc.The miracle healer plays a major role by balancing the needs of the body he accelerates the metabolism and we begin to feel so good ar.d we look so new.

He does not give you any un prescribed medicine the drugs are from very reputed companies. He excels in liver and kidney problem and you have to see it to believe it his diagnosis are 100 % . He discovered two most innovative ayurvedic products one is Shaktishali Ayurvedic Tea & Pain Relief Oil.

He is gifted and blessed by the divine Master because he is here to reach out to you. All you requires is faith in God and determination and Rs 20 as a donation towards the Nice Charitable & Welfare Society. His address is a follows

DR. S S Gupta
Nice Charitable & Welfare Society (Regd)
Address : Dr. S.S. Gupta 1853-C/10, G.P Exten. New Delhi-110019