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After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world.It has a cooling, slightly bitter, astringent flavor which many people enjoy. Tea contains L-theanine, and its consumption is strongly associated with a calm but alert and focused, relatively productive ( Alpha wave dominant), mental state in humans.This mental state is also common to meditative practice.

Tea contains the stimulant caffeine and Theanine at about 30% of its dry weight. Caffeine is a psychoactive drug, it acts as a central nervous system stimulant, temporarily warding off drowsiness and restoring alertness. The US National Institute of Health states “too much caffeine can make you restless, anxious, and irritable. It may also keep you from sleeping well and cause get withdrawal symptoms. Some people are more sensitive to the effects of caffeine than others”.

Theanine also has psychoactive properties. Theanine has been studied for its potential ability to reduce mental and physical stress, improve cognition and boost mood in a synergistic manner with caffeine.Due to modern environmental pollution, fluoride and aluminum have also been found to occur in tea, with certain types of brick tea made from old leaves and stems having the highest levels, High fluoride intake could increases the risk of osteoflurosis and fracturesand large doses of aluminum can cause toxicity in human. Tea also contains oxalate, overconsumption of which can cause kidney stones, as well as binding with free calcium in the body; other minerals may be bound as well.

In view of above, there is greater need to have an herbal formulation, in the form of herbal tea, which contains lesser Caffeine and Theanine and at same time have more medicinal effects than regular tea.

Our organization is one of the trusted firms, engaged in offering superior quality range of Ayurvedic Tea. Ayurvedic tea offered by us, is formulated using various natural ingredients see composition. This ayurvedic tea also helps in relieving cold,fever and cough. We are offering this ayurvedic tea to our valued customers at market leading prices.

High Quality Tea
We are engaged in offering High Quality Tea that is prepared using effective composition to maintain high quality standards. This Nice Tea is formulated in accurate composition of natural ingredients and is checked and tested by our quality controllers on their purity. Available in different package sizes, to cater to the varied needs and demands of our valued customers spread across the country. Our valued customers can buy this ayurvedic tea from us at market leading prices. We have in store for our customers special Tea, which is formulated in a precise composition of natural ingredients. Nice tea is a specially formulated tea used for relief from cold, fever, cough and many other diseases. The tea is formulated under hygienic conditions, because of which it is safe to use, highly effective, pure and germ free. Herbal tea is made from many plants, Using not just the leaves, but also the flowers, roots, bark and seeds. At celestial Seasonings. Our herbal tea recipes blend the flavors of different botanicals from around the world – resulting in an infinite variety of healthful taste sensations. In fact, this exploration of the many flavors. Remedies and benefits of herbal teas is one of the greatest pleasures of working with herbs- there's an herbal tea that's just right for every mood and every moment. Of course, our verbal teas naturally contain no caffeine at all, which accounts in part for their mellow, soothing personality- and their growing popularity in today's hectic, high- pressure world.

Nagarmotha has lipolytic action to mobilize fat from adipose tissues and thus helps in reduction of obesity. Triphala extract is a good digestive, taste stimulator and mild purgative. Effective in Constipation. Tagar (Valeriana wallichii) is Analgesic and good Carminative. Very useful in chronic constipation and flatulence. Baibidang extract ( Embella ribes) or Baividang acts as a Stomachic, Carminative and Rejuvenator. Kalimircha (Piper nigrum) is Carminative, Resolvent.

Over weight, Tendency to gain weight, Constipation, Gas Formation etc. How to prepare Shaktishali Ayurvedic Tea Powder: Boil a half glass of water for a minute, mix Shaktishali Ayurvedic Tea Powder instead of tea leaves and add milk and sugar(if you are not diabetic) as per your requirement.

The formulation of Nice Shaktishali Ayurvedic Tea Powder: (Major Ingredients)

The Nice Shaktishali Ayurvedic Tea Powder is found to have unexpected high medicinal effects, it is found to control the Blood pressure, sugar level in diabetic people. It is found to be useful in body pains, gastric troubles, cold and normal flu, headache, improving digestive system and improve immunity system.

The process of preparation Nice Shaktishali Ayurvedic Tea Powder:

The following example, which include preferred embodiment will serve to illustrate the practice of this invention, it being understood that the particulars shown are by way of example and for purpose of illustrative discussion of preferred embodiments of the invention and is not intended to be taken restrictively to imply any limitation on the scope of the present invention.

The method of preparation:

  • Collection of all the herbs in the fixed weight as mention above followed by filtration of herbs to remove all undue impurities.
  • The individual herb is dried with the help of humidity fire, all the moisture is removed from the herb.
  • All the dried herbs are mixed thoroughly, resulting uniform mixture of herbs.
  • The uniform mixture of the herbs is grinded resulting in a coarse powder.
  • The coarse powder is filtered in to micro form.
  • The final powder is ready to be consumed as tea.