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Nice Sahktishali Pain Relief Oil

Commonly used Pain Reliving ointments or Pain Relief balms can cause some side-effects which include hypersensitivity reactions, skin irritation and reddening of the skin and feelings of warmth. Further, the pain relieving ointments/balm use petroleum products which are not suitable for human beings.

In view of above, there is need of an effective pain relieving composition avoiding the use of petroleum based product, thus reducing the side effects associated with it.

We have earned domain expertise in offering pain relief oil, which is meant for external massage against all kinds of joint pains. Prepared from quality ingredients, this special oil is safe to apply and is of immense help to the user. This is offered by us in varied packing capacities to meet the requirements of our valued customers . Further, it is extremely light and can be easily absorbed by the body. Appreciated for its effective results, it is offered by us at market leading prices.

We are engaged Manufacture and Supply optimum quality Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil. Which is made from rare and completely natural herbs. The Ayurvedic pain Relief Oil provided by us is known for prompt and immediate relief from pain. We offer the Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil range is offered at affordable rates.

Why Our Shaktishli Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil?
Pure Highly effective Best compositions Free From harmful chemicals No side effects
Nice india is a unique, multi-functional product . Apart from being a fast . effective and gentle pain relief oil. This product has been found to be very effective in the treatment of arthritis, spondylitis, back pains. Frozen shoulders, sciatica pains. And muscular spasms. Plus is 100 % herbal with natural extracts of hersb & essential oils that have the ability to penetrate deep into the affected areas to heal the symptoms


The formulation of Nice Pain Relief Shaktishali Ayurvedic Oil: (Major Ingredients)

This pain relieving synergistic composition is found to have unexpected high pain reliving effect.


The process of preparation of Nice Pain Relief Shaktishali Ayurvedic Oil:

First of all, uniformly mixing all the contents as mention in the table above in the specified amount of Castor oil, honey tree oil, Mustard oil, Camphor, Alkanet or dyers’ bugloss, Peppermint oil, Bishop’s weed and mace. After which the composition is boiled at around 100OC till all the solute content get dissolve. The boiled composition is allowed to cool, thereafter filtered removing all the solid impurities. The final filtered compotation is packaged and can be use as pain relieving. The Shaktishali Ayurvedic Oil is found to have unexpected high pain relieving effects and good in swelling.

For Example:

Composition and process for preparing I Kilogram of Shaktishali Ayurvedic Oil: